Do I need a planner/event coordinator/event manager?
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Do I need a planner/event coordinator/event manager?

Do I need a planner/event coordinator/event manager?

The quick answer is “YES”, but allow me to justify the answer because for my “YES”,  I’m sure you can give me a million reasons why you don’t need an experienced professional  event planner/ coordinator/manager!

Everyone has the sister, best friend,  auntie and the mom who  wants to help them plan their big day or other special event. I’ve heard it often enough, and sometimes I will take the time out to explain why my services are needed or I’ll simply provide them with my card and say, “call me when you think you will need my services.”

Many people take the role of an event event planner/ coordinator/manager  for granted, but the value this professional brings to your event is truly priceless.

When I got married back in 2010, I dreamed of panning an amazing wedding. After all, you can’t be an event guru and plan a lame wedding for yourself! My conscious would bother me! I knew how I wanted my wedding to look, but one thing I know I didn’t want to do was plan it! I wanted to enjoy the planning  experience without the stress and i wanted to feel like a princess or rather, a queen! So, I invested in an event planner and designer who was able to take my vision and turn it into a dream wedding! I was involved in making overall decisions on price, color, and details, but often I would tell my planner, I trust you, so please make the best decision on my behalf and surprise me. I believe it was one of the best decisions I ever made! My wedding was more beautiful than I imagined, it was classy, creative and had my signature all over it! On my wedding day, I was so stress free, relaxed and happy. I had a smile that could light up a universe! Looking back at the planning process, my planner made it easy. She handled all the negotiations with vendors, she managed by budget, and payed attention to all the details that mattered to me. When I had an idea, all I had to do was share and she would come back with samples, or ideas that took my vision to the next level. The experience was priceless!

It wasn’t luck that made everything turn out so perfect, but rather the faith I put in a professional and allowing her to do her job. Oh yeah, plus I know God was on my side!

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard about best friends planning weddings who were no longer best friends after the wedding, or moms who planned the wedding of “their”dreams and not of  their daughters dreams, or moms and aunties that missed most of the wedding because they were so busy planning up to the day and through the day of the wedding or special event!

Then there is the issue of money?  Yes, planners are professionals and yes they should be paid. We don’t work for free as we hope no one expects you to work for free. The experience an event professional brings to the table should be valued. What an event professional decides to charge, is their business, but whatever you do, don’t undervalue them. Keep in mind they are vetting and selecting the best vendors, managing your budget, managing vendors and making sure each person that has a hand in your event is professional, experienced, timely and incredibly talented!

So, when mom, auntie, best friend or sister tell you they can plan you’re wedding or special event, let them know you would like to work with an event professional rather than have them work. Tell them to let the event professional do all the work and they can help you make the big decisions. Plus, you want them to enjoy the day with you along with all the parties and spa days you can share bonding with them!